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Peace of Mind
I know I've never told you just how much you help me.
Today's the day I do, so that you can finally see.
You help me more than I could ever explain.
You help so much, always take away my pain.
Inside my head, a constant battle is being fought.
Every day is a struggle. In the middle, I'm caught..
Push and shove, I go where ever my mind takes me.
I go from here to there, never left be.
Since you've come along, the struggle has decreased.
The pain has subsided, the tugging has ceased.
I am finally at peace when you're around.
My mind is stable. It's back on solid ground.
It's amazing how much power you have over my emotion.
For putting me at peace, I owe you so much devotion.
I hope this little message will suffice.
This poem came with emotional sacrifice.
I opened up, let emotions pour out.
I feel so vulnerable, about to pout.
Closing up my heart, barely letting anything in.
It's the only way to protect it from the constant sin..
Believe it or not, I am weak on the inside.
My heart is ba
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I Believe In You
Looking at your past, I know I'm in for a ride.
If it ever reoccurs, know I'll be here by your side.
I'll stick by you when you think you've lost it all.
I'll be here for you to catch you if you fall.
I'll try to help you in any possible way I can.
If you'll just let me in, let me be part of the plan.
I want the best for you, for everything to be okay.
I don't want you to feel down at the end of the day.
Don't think that it's not possible for you to change.
It may happen slowly, but it's in your range.
You're not worthless or a lost cause in my eyes.
You're so much more, almost like a prize.
If something ever happens, I know we'll make it through.
Because what I'm really trying to say is, I believe in you.
:iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 20 6
It keeps building, you know?
The anger inside is about to show.
For so long I've been living in this hell.
I've hid myself in a tiny shell.
I'm so quiet, afraid to speak one word.
Everything that comes out just sounds absurd.
Screaming, crying, fighting, lying.
It's crazy as fuck, there's no denying.
I can never do anything right in your eyes.
At night I sing myself sweet lullabies.
Oh how I wish I could be free of you.
I think if I was, I wouldn't know what to do.
I've felt like shit for way too long.
I feel like I could turn this into a song.
Down someone hard enough and they'll eventually turn mean.
I'll be the craziest motherfucker you've ever seen.
Push me harder, make me conform.
There's something brewing, a great big storm.
As fear turns to anger, you better watch yourself.
Because I'm about to step right off this shelf.
I'll sneak up on you while you're looking away.
I'll come up so quick you won't have time to say.
You won't have time to say anything to me.
You'll see the pers
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Pink Azaleas by MegtheMagnificent Pink Azaleas :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 6 0 A Simple Flower by MegtheMagnificent A Simple Flower :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 2 3
Her Disguise
With the beauty of life comes hatred and lies,
Being in love is her disguise.
It doesn't matter how much she tries,
For in the end she still cries.
She is broken to no return,
The scars on her wrists, they still burn.
She doesn't care, pain is all she knows.
Now she's hiding from all her foes.
She is now completely numb,
While the whole time pretending to be dumb.
She wants to end her life,
But her love stole the knife.
He told that she would be okay,
As long as with him she would always stay.
He told her something else too,
And that was that he may know what to do.
He wants to help her be happy again,
Like the way she was back when.
He knows it'll take alot to do this,
But he is prepared to take on this crisis.
:iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 10 0
Roses by MegtheMagnificent Roses :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 15 1 Heart by MegtheMagnificent Heart :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 0 0 Autumn by MegtheMagnificent Autumn :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 10 1
All I can do is run away from you..
Just run because I don't know what to do.
You tell me you love me, but you tell the others the same..
What am I supposed to believe in this stupid little game?
You say you don't love them, that you only love me..
Yet you still tell them you love them, so how can that be?
I don't know what to believe about you..
Is your love for me really true?
I wish I could believe it, I wish I could see it..
But I don't think it's there..
Am I just another one of those girls or are you being for real?
Are you just lying to me, using me, or is this the real deal?
I wish I knew.. I wish I knew..
:iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 6 5
Thinking by MegtheMagnificent Thinking :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 20 2 Lonely 2 by MegtheMagnificent Lonely 2 :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 20 4 Lonely by MegtheMagnificent Lonely :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 18 2 Original of Shining Through by MegtheMagnificent Original of Shining Through :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 4 2 Shining Through by MegtheMagnificent Shining Through :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 25 2 Daisy and Dixie by MegtheMagnificent Daisy and Dixie :iconmegthemagnificent:MegtheMagnificent 10 0


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1. I occasionally submit photos and sometimes poems here. Some of the photos aren't what I consider photography and aren't very good, but I liked them, so I put them on here.
2. I favorite a whole bunch of random things and rarely comment on them.
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4. If you give me a llama badge, I will always give you one back.
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